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Barbara E.
Fairfax, VA
I love Jade and followed her here from her previous salon. Vy Nails is quiet, serene, and has comfy and lovely new pedicure chairs. The other staff are friendly and welcoming. The prices are good and the products are top-quality. The entire experience was great.
Bonnie P.
Fairfax, VA
I have been here twice since moving and I love this place. The nail techs are very sweet and good at what they do. They are accommodating near closing as well which is so very generous. I came at 7:57 when they closed at 8 pm and they still took me. Tam was my nail tech and the manager Tammy waved me in.

I like this place also because it is not in a super busy shopping center so I find it more peaceful than many high traffic location nail places.
Megan L.
Des Plaines, IL
By far the best nail services I have ever received...and I get my nails done often. Definitely the best in the area, when I first got up here I tried many different salons before I found one I loved-and Vy Nails is it!! The place is clean with a nice atmosphere and I never have to wait to be taken back! The biggest selection of regular and gel nail color I have ever seen! The staff is incredibly friendly and talented; I believe I have experienced every technician and have not had one complaint about any of them! Usually I just get a pedicure with a gel manicure although I know they offer massages and eyebrow waxing.
Honestly, I can go on and on about positive things about Vy nails. Would recommend them to anyone!
Grateful C.
Centreville, VA
Vy Nails is under NEW management and has superb service!! I've been seeing these ladies in their previous location for years! And even though there are tons of other places near me, I travel out of my way to come here because they are THAT good! They are incredibly professional, considerate and insightful about nail care and nail health. Not only is Tammy an amazing nail artisan, she's incredibly friendly, knowledgable and caring. So is her partner. They also provide spa services now - I highly recommend this place, which is impeccably clean and well kept.
I'll be back! 4/11/16
Frank B.
Fairfax, VA
Went there on Mother's Day ..... thank goodness they were open since most nail salons aren't open on Sundays. My nail technician was thorough and attentive even though I was in the midst of studying for a big exam. Their prices are competitive with most salons. The establishment is clean and orderly; also. Something that is a MUST for me!
Stephanie C.
Fairfax, VA
This place is wonderful. The staff truly gets to know the clients and appreciates them. Not only do you feel like they're glad to have you, they do remarkably amazing work.
Katie S.
Springfield, VA
After my first review the manager reached out to me to apologize for the wait and invite me back to give them another try, assuring me it wouldn't happen again. I was finally in the area and in need of a mani/pedi so I took him up on his offer. This time I didn't call ahead as it was during a work day at an off time. My gf and I were seen right away and had a much different experience. I'm very happy with my results, and I was very happy with how attentive our manicurists were to make sure we were able to sit together and enjoy our experience. Mistakes happen, I appreciate how Vy nails handled the situation and will gladly return in the future.
Carol W.
Clifton, VA
Today, Sunday, June 12th, I stopped in to my favorite nail salon of all times, Vy Nails, and was given an immediate appointment with my favorite technician, Lynn. Am I ever thankful! My feet and hands were in bad shape, now they look and feel great. Not only did Lynn do a very professional job, but she went way above and beyond to relax me with marvelous foot and leg massages during the pedicure as well as a stress relieving hand and arm massages. . I felt like a new woman. I have never encountered a host, like the gentleman at the front desk. He is truly the most personable individual I have ever encountered. He is a true people person who makes you feel good about your choice of salon. The new nail polish colors for summer made it a breeze to select the shadeI wanted Lynn to use. When my hands were still drying, the host was kind enough to take my phone out of my purse for me to enable me to take an incoming call. I was treated royally every step of the way and I can't say enough about the joy I feel when I visit Vy Nails. Try it, you will not be disappointed.
Kaitlin E.
Chesapeake, VA
I miss this place since I've moved out of the area. I used to go here on the regular for gel manicures. They are reasonably priced and clean. They worked quickly but do a perfect job. There are complimentary beverages for customers. My nails have never looked better than when I was a regular customer here.
Jessica K.
New York, NY
I have never been here before (it's sad because I'm always at the Starbucks next door or grabbing kabobs at Mazadar). Well, I'm glad I gave it a try.
To be honest... I got an email from Groupon and this place was my deal of the day. The deal was totally awesome! For one European mani/pedi it was $18 and for two it was $35. I of course bought the two deal one. FYI, regular price for both mani/pedi is $37.

I called ahead and made an appointment. I had to wait about five minutes but it was fine because it took me forever to choose a color. I agree with the other reviewers, the chair was totally confusing but after pushing a series of combinations I got it going.
My whole experience was enjoyable, my mani/pedi came out really nice.
The staff were very friendly and they offered complementary drinks.
I would totally come back again.
Denise M.
Sterling, VA
Seriously such a wonderful find! The leg and foot massage with my pedicure was to die for ! They gave me a tiny bottle of water and a magazine. Totally worth the few extra bucks- my toes are glorious !!!
Kelly L.
Fairfax, VA
I really like Vy nails. I never make an appointment and am usually serviced quickly - even on weekends. I don't mind to wait however. The staff is very nice and friendly. I think they do a good job and the prices are reasonable. I visit regularly and will continue!
K. Michelle C.
Washington, DC
I have finally found a place where the gel/shellac doesn't chip for the actual two weeks as promised! This place is clean and the staff is friendly and professional. I do not feel rushed when I am having difficulty deciding on colors.
A. L.
Fairfax, VA
This place is very clean and does very nice work. They are very meticulous and organized. These are all very important for a nail place. My one complaint is that there gel manis are too expensive. Everything else is priced about the same as other places in the area. But that is why I don't go there anymore. I pay $28 right up the street for a gel mani and they also do a very nice job. Oh and there is a LOUD karate place next door. They should play some music or have some fountains because it is not very relaxing. They do high quality work though.
Caitlin G.
Fairfax, VA
This is a family owned/operated business, and I have been coming here since 2010. I have never received a bad service for anything I paid for when coming here. I usually like to come during the weekdays, I shudder at the thought of weekends. Weekdays it's pretty quiet, and there's no pressure for anything. I personally love the Lavender Spa package, especially because I work on a horse farm and my muscles are always crying. These people are always rearranging the store to try and satisfy the demands of customers. They lifted the pedicure chairs in a way that the store doesn't seem as crowded and so the workers don't have to strain their backs while bending over to polish toenails. They added a dermalogica line to go along with their spa treatments, and dermalogica is a good brand to have at spas. (I've been using one of their acne treatments since I was a teenager). These people are clearly committed to their customers, trying to add the ambiance of a relaxing environment.
As for their price, I would say it's a fair price for what I get. I usually ask for Lo Ann. Her English is broken, but she has a good heart and gentle nature.
As for the other reviewers complaining about bad service, I would suggest trying to treat the people there with more patience. I honestly don't think I could work the hours these people do to put food on their tables at home, deal with stinky feet in my face, and being kind to people who are arguing with you. I have never received a bad service here, because I am friendly and nice to the people working there. "Not caring" about another human being's problems is highly insensitive. If you can truly buy your way into having such a mean spirit like that, then you do not need to use a groupon ticket. If you are a member of the middle class, and remember retail jobs that you probably had to work at in your teens or late twenties, try to remember how you would want to be treated by a customer.
Tatyana Y.
Herndon, VA
Clean, friendly and efficient. I will definitely be back.
Tiffany T.
Alexandria, VA
This shop is fantastic! Owners John and Linh are fantastic! John creates flawless pink and white gel nails every time. This is by far the cleanest nail salon I've ever been in, they take pride in this shop. Offering massage, nail services and upscale polishes and beauty potions. If you are in Fairfax go to Vy Nails but make sure to make an appointment if you want to see John or Linh for your services.
Laurie S.
Fairfax, VA
I went here today 3/8/2014 for the first time, a week after going to a different place that really wasn't that great. I will go back again as I was greeted right away and even though I was a walk-in, they provided their service the moment I signed in. I had Ken and he was very friendly and did a FABULOUS job! I wanted a simple manicure and trimmed my tails short as I asked because I work with kids and do not want to scratch them. He filed my nails down very smooth so I wouldn't have any sharp edges. After applying the polish he had me place both hands under a cool fan for 10 minutes, he even made sure they were all dry with no smears before I left! Next time If I get him again I will make sure I tip more! I am totally pleased! FYI This is a very clean place and I have no concerns. I haven't had any other service than a manicure but plan on a pedi soon!
Marylin G.
Occoquan, VA
Absolutely terrific! Let me say again that this place is special. After spending over $200 trying to find a new nail place in the DMV area I have finally found the place! After trying and trying, over and over to find someone who could do my "Pink/whites," I have! Why does no one know how to do this anymore? I tried SEVERAL before finally accomplishing what I had wanted. Thanks to Jenny for giving me a great experience on my pedicure the first time, "Ms L, ( the name has left me) and lastly John for perfecting my nails! I've been getting my nails done for Over 10 years and this place is perfect. Ill glady recommend anyone here!
Liza S.
New York, NY
Great place! I've been coming here for the past year and a half. Found this place accidentally right after they opened and have been a loyal customer ever since. The place is very clean and people working there are professional. I have gotten both manicures & Pedicures there without breaking a bank. Both manis & pedis last a while and when they are done, there's no spillage onto cuticles or skin. Plus, massage chairs and massages gives during manis/pedis are very thorough and feel great. I have been recommending this place to anyone who would listen, and people who've gone here had the same great experience. also, there is a whole wall of polish to choose from any shade of color you can dream of. PLus, the place also offers shellac manicure. It's a little Fairfax Gem!
melissa m.
Allentown, PA
Walked right in on a Saturday morning. Everyone was very nice from John, Loan and Jason. Jason did a super job on the pedi (wonderful massage) and probably the best shellac manicures that I've ever had!!. You can't beat the prices and there is a great selections of colors!
Definitely will be going back!!
Amanda K.
Fairfax, VA
What a great place! It used to be called Nail Club, but now the nail salon is under new management and I was very impressed with the changes. Affordable, flexible hours, professional, clean, everything I was looking for! Their selection of colors is also fantastic and they don't fill them up with thinner like Nail Palace (in Fairfax Towne Center) so they lasted a really long time. Also, there massage chairs are the ones that actually give you a massage and don't just vibrate.
Serin W.
Springfield, VA
Great service! Treated myself to a manicure w/Jenny and she did an excellent job. The salon was clean and the staff was friendly. Had a issue with one of the nails peeling, and went back in and she fixed it at no cost. Will definitely be back!
Brandi C.
Joplin, MO
Amazing manicures and pedicures that last. Great service.
Judy M.
Centreville, VA
I love this place. Every time I go there there is always enough people to take care of the customers in a timely manner. Everyone who has taken care of me here did a good job, I have to say some take more time with you then others but I can't complain about any services I have received here. It is much better since it changed to Vy nails from Nail club. It is clean, chairs are great and prices are good. I would recommend this place.
'Vivian Livinmylife Hogan
Great service. Tammy is exceptionally marvelous! Great group of ladies. Service is excellent. Appointments are always on time! Feels like home!